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Rodriguez stanly,

I was stunned and enjoyably shocked by my own fast recuperation. It was a treat to be under his consideration and I am happy I could meet somebody as noble and powerful as him.

Hridoy kumar,melbourne

Guru Ji simply streamlined my issues by giving me such powerful arrangements that were past whatever else. I am pleased to have picked Pandith Guru and been guided by his skilful prophetic ability in each way.

Babina Chawla, sydney,

Pandith Guru is a true love psychic. He has the sympathetic mind and a beautiful love-filled heart that exudes compassion and understanding in every manner. Pandith Guru was so accurate in his readings and I can easily say that everything he said just kept coming true as it is! I was initially bewildered and appalled, but more impressed by his assistance. He had the patience to get into the details of my love life and he ever so effectively led me out of my problems with remarkable ease. I was pleasantly surprised and also awed by the easy demeanour with which he guided me along. Trusting him was the most prudent decision of my life and I feel proud of it in every way!

Mehamood Sharifi, Abu Dhabi -UAE,

Astrologer Guru is someone I can trust with closed eyes. He has brought my life to a beautiful situation, which I had never even imagined. More than a fortune teller and astrological guide, I have seen Guru as my personal advisor and confession box! I share everything with him and he performed such lovely and effective worship that led me out of problems and helped me diminish my problems in every manner. I feel his effective assistance has led me to a better situation today. I take pride in calling him my personal astrological guide and feel that he is the major reason why I've found such perfect happiness in my own life!


Love isn't always about the mushy romances or hours of togetherness. Love is definitely about sacrificing and finding paths to bring happiness in the lives of your loved ones. These were the great words spoken by some writer, but Pandith Guru helped me understand the hidden depth and meaning behind these words. Pandith Guru was always insistent upon having us realize the meaning of love before we profess our love for each other. When I approached him with my problem, Pandith Ji just simplified my problems by giving me such effective solutions that were beyond anything else. I am proud to have chosen Pandith Guru and been guided by his skilful astrological prowess in every manner.

Sharon Smith white, London - UK,

Astrologer Guru is a superbly talented and marvellously experienced astrologer in every manner. I feel no one is close to Guru in terms of understanding the sensitivity of any situation. I was hopelessly despairing regarding my son's marriage. His lonely celibacy made me desperate for fast solutions and that is when Astrologer Guru provided me with some of the most effective solutions. I was pleased and satisfied when I started witnessing some of the quickest developments by Guru's quick solutions. I have never witnessed something so perfectly effective in my life and have become a follower of his advice on all matters now!

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  • Over debts (Financial crisis)
  • Family problems
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  • Job problems (To get right placement)
  • Negative Energy Removal
  • Court and Legal Problems
  • To get children (Santhana Prapthi)
  • To do right Business

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